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Historic Film Now Available

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MAHANOY CITY–A full-length historic film on three discs is scheduled to be released in September, chronicling “The Kaier’s Story” and “The Story of Good Beer.”

Illustration of The Story of Good Beer historic film DVD.

Illustration courtesy Mahanoy Area Historical Society.

One of the discs contains a roughly 20-minute film that was created during the closing days of WW II. It showcases the process in which Kaier’s Beer was made, when the brewery was still in operation. The DVD is a reformatted version of the original work, “The Story of Good Beer,” created in 1945. It includes a brief historical background by Paul Coombe, Mahanoy City Historical Society room manager, in the opening minutes.

The second film, which is divided into two discs, is roughly 90 minutes. “The Kaier’s Story” discusses just that¾the Kaier family’s journey. The presentation is narrated by Coombe, the creator of the work, and his wife, Peggy. Throughout there are many historical pictures to aid the storytelling process.

The first and last words of the full-length film illustrate how much material is covered:

Opening Words of Chapter 1 of “The Kaier’s Story”:

The Kaier story in America began in the spring of 1854 when 15-year-old Anselm Troian Kaier with his parents Andreas and Crescentia Kaier and his brothers and sister left their home in Benningen, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany and traveled to Le Havre, France where they boarded the sailing ship Vandalia.”

Closing Words of the Epilogue, said by former employee of Kaier’s Brewery, Lou Cameli:

It was a big thing when the brewery closed down. It was the beginning of the town going downhill.”

The entire work chronicles an era of Mahanoy City history that many people may not know about in depth. Both the 1945 film and Coombe’s original work are sure to fill any listener’s ears with the adventure of the Kaier’s Brewery.

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