Photo of the Swiss Alps by Meredith Rhoades.

An Evolving Worldview

Photo of Coal Cracker reporter and sports writer Meredith Rhoades.By Meredith Rhoades





Photo of Venice by Meredith Rhoades. Traveling through Europe chaned her worldview.

The canals in Venice, Italy.

EUROPE–I recently took a trip across the Atlantic Ocean and got a taste, literally and figuratively, of Europe. I navigated four different cities in four countries, three different types of currencies, times changes, and countless forms of transportation.

I learned so much just by walking through the various cities we visited. I learned how immensely different, yet extremely alike, our world is.

I took this trip with my school, Mahanoy Area, so I could experience the things we only ever see pictures of or read about in books–and that I did. I walked the narrow and windy roads of Venice, Italy while enjoying my delicious gelato. I stopped atop a mountain in the Swiss Alps and saw views of which no camera could ever capture the true beauty.

Photo by Meredith Rhoades of The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower while eating a crepe. I ate fish and chips and rode a double decker bus in London. I immersed myself in the various cultures, and did things way outside of my comfort zone.

I learned more in those 10 days than I did all year in school. The trip completely changed how I view this world and the people inhabiting it. Our world is much smaller than we think.

Photo by Meredith Rhoades of Big Ben in London.

Big Ben in London, England.

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