Contributed photo of the Tri Valley High School Band marching at Disney World.

Music Education in Area Schools

By David Lindenmuth         “I’m going to Disney World!” is a quote typically associated with a championship in NCAA Basketball or the NFL, but it’s also a popular phrase among several local marching bands. Tri-Valley (pictured above), Tamaqua Area, Mahanoy Area, and Hazleton Area marching bands have...   Read More

Photo of Jacob Witiszin, the self-proclaimed food expert, at the Brickhouse Bar and Grill in orwigsburg, PA.

Jawn Squad – The Brick House Grill

By Nick Cavenas         I went to The Brickhouse Grill with my buddies Jordan Hannon, Justin Letcavage, and Jacob Witiszin (the self-proclaimed food expert pictured above). Overall, we all enjoyed this restaurant. Great hospitality, environment, and most importantly they make great food! Brick House has a wide...   Read More

Photo by David Lindenmuth of musicians at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 10 Orchestra Festival.

Orchestra Festival at Shenandoah Valley High School

By David Lindenmuth         More than 100 of the best high school musicians from the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, and the Coal Region converged on Shenandoah in late January for the 2016-17 Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) District 10 Orchestra Festival. Students from Schuylkill, Berks, Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon,...   Read More

Photo of Mahanoy Area High School Band Leader Bill Mitchell courtesy Mahanoy Area Historical Society.

Memories of Band Director Bill Mitchell

According to Mahanoy Area Historical Society’s Images of America book, “In 1957 Mahanoy City High School hired Bill Mitchell as Band Director. A trombone student from the famous Professor Dorsey, the service veteran and graduate of Pennsylvania State University was about to revolutionize the performance of high school marching bands.”...   Read More

Photo of Coal Cracker Reporter Meredith Rhoades at the Women's March on Washington.

Making a Difference

By Meredith Rhoades         “Empowered women empower women.” This quote embodies the exact reason why I attended the Women’s March on Washington. Not only did I feel the absolute need to stand up against discrimination, I also wanted to prove to people that even at 16 years...   Read More

Photo bt Sandy Long of the crowd at the Women's March on Washington

Women’s March: a Once-in-a-Lifetime Moment

By Serena Bennett         The Women’s March on Washington on January 21 attracted an estimated 1 million people, and I was one of them. Standing together to support one another was one of the most surreal and exciting experiences of my life. I chose to attend the...   Read More

A word cloud of social media infomation by Coal Cracker Kids.

Taking the OMG and SMH out of Social Media

By Oceana O’Boyle         Kids these days have a lot of new technology. Our kids at Coal Cracker youth-led news decided to keep everyone updated on the social media of today. We mainly use phones or social media for contacting friends and family or playing games. Games...   Read More

Edited illustration of the Safety Pin Movement by Sarah Matz.

The Safety Pin Movement

Article by Amber Lawrence Illustration by Sarah Matz       There is no doubt that this year’s presidential election was a rocky one. After the election of Donald J. Trump many people have been struck with fear that his presidency might come with abuse to minorities, immigrants, women, and...   Read More

Photo of Mahanoy City ACTION Youth Group making Christmas Crafts.

Christmas Crafts ‘Tis the Season

Members of Mahanoy City’s A.C.T.I.O.N. Youth Group, above, recently made 130 handcrafted reindeer out of washcloths and bars of soap. The crafts were delivered to residents of the Mahanoy City Elderly Apartments, such as Pat Kechula, pictured at left. On Saturday, November 26, Mahanoy City hosted its annual tree lighting...   Read More

Photo of holiday cheer being made by the Mahanoy Area Midget Cheerleaders.

Holiday Cheer! Sharing Joy!

By Emma Shaller         On Wednesday, November 30, the Mahanoy Area Midget Cheerleaders and coach Keri Cavenas gathered at the Teen Canteen in Mahanoy City to create homemade Christmas cards. This squad project was organized by Bobby Moucheron of the M & M Redzone to spread holiday...   Read More

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