Photo of mac-n-cheese sandwich at Wheel in Pottsville, PA.

Take a Spin to Wheel

By Oceana O’Boyle and Emma Shaller         POTTSVILLE–Wheel, a restaurant located at 201 West Market Street, is a grilled cheese lover’s dream. The menu consists of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as mac-n-cheese, fries, desserts, and other tasty items. One original thing about this restaurant is...   Read More

Drug Awareness Essay

By Oceana O’Boyle         COAL REGION–Coal Cracker reporter Oceana O’Boyle wrote this essay on drug awareness for a contest sponsored by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. This year’s theme was “Just Say No,” and was open to students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Oceana...   Read More

Photo of Jacob Witiszin, the self-proclaimed food expert, at the Brickhouse Bar and Grill in orwigsburg, PA.

Jawn Squad – The Brick House Grill

By Nick Cavenas         I went to The Brickhouse Grill with my buddies Jordan Hannon, Justin Letcavage, and Jacob Witiszin (the self-proclaimed food expert pictured above). Overall, we all enjoyed this restaurant. Great hospitality, environment, and most importantly they make great food! Brick House has a wide...   Read More

Illustrations by Sarah Matz of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for our vote coverage.

Too Young to Vote? You Have a Voice.

Article by Serena Bennett Illustrations by Sarah Matz       With the presidential election coming up on Tuesday, November 8th, many adults will be casting their votes and waiting for the final outcome. However, for those of us under 18 who are too young to vote, seemingly all we...   Read More

A Coal Cracker reporter interviews Senator David Argall about medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Have an Opinion?

By John Wiekrykas         Earlier this year the Coal Cracker staff participated in an Editorial Board meeting with Senator David G. Argall (R-29) at the Mahanoy City Downtown Center. I talked with Senator Argall about his position on the legalization of marijuana, which is a big topic...   Read More

Kids are Smarter than You Think

Coal Cracker Kids Speak Out By Joei Shaller       Parents, guardians and teachers – have you ever sat back and thought that kids might be smarter than you are in some ways? Or that the kid struggling the most in math, science or history class could grow up...   Read More

A chart showing that 42 of the 47 athletes coach Urban Meyer recruited to Ohio State played multiple sports in high school. What does this say about being a multi-sport athete?

Are You a Multi-Sport Athlete?

Coal Cracker Kids Speak Out By Meredith Rhoades       A big topic in sports circles today is multi-sport athletes. From the professional level to college, all the way down to middle school, it’s a hot button item. Should middle and high school student athletes specialize in one sport...   Read More

Marriage Equality

Dear Editors and Staff: Bravo, and thanks, for your forward-looking presentation of the marriage equality issue [written by Serena Bennett] in your recent edition, November / December 2014. As a former resident of Mahanoy City, I am proud of your publication and its intelligent and sensitive coverage of this matter...   Read More

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