Ever Read the Bill of Rights?

Ask Emma Advice on food, fashion and life in general By Emma Shaller     Q: Have you ever read the Bill of Rights? Emma: I plead the fifth! No, I had not read the Bill of Rights. I learned about the Constitution in fourth grade (last year), and my...   Read More

Why do People Pollute the Earth?

Ask Emma Advice on food, fashion and life in general By Emma Shaller     Q: Why do people pollute the earth? EMMA: People pollute the earth because they think it’s ok to throw their trash on the ground. They don’t think that they are hurting animals, plants and humans....   Read More

Kids are Smarter than You Think

Coal Cracker Kids Speak Out By Joei Shaller       Parents, guardians and teachers – have you ever sat back and thought that kids might be smarter than you are in some ways? Or that the kid struggling the most in math, science or history class could grow up...   Read More

A chart showing that 42 of the 47 athletes coach Urban Meyer recruited to Ohio State played multiple sports in high school. What does this say about being a multi-sport athete?

Are You a Multi-Sport Athlete?

Coal Cracker Kids Speak Out By Meredith Rhoades       A big topic in sports circles today is multi-sport athletes. From the professional level to college, all the way down to middle school, it’s a hot button item. Should middle and high school student athletes specialize in one sport...   Read More

Photo of Bill Killian Mahanoy City Code Enforcement Officer.

Code Enforcement Officer Bill Killian

Know Your Neighbors By Kassidy Ravina       There was a time when Mahanoy City was a nice looking, friendly little town. If you took a ride around Mahanoy City today, however, you’d see why having a code enforcement officer is very important to our community. Although many people...   Read More

Photo of the finished DIY pet bed.

What to do with Old Winter Sweaters

Ask Emma Advice on food, fashion and life in general By Emma Shaller     Q: What can I do with my old winter sweaters? EMMA: In spring, most people clean out their closets and throw away or give away their winter sweaters. But, you can recycle them and make...   Read More

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