Kids are Smarter than You Think

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By Joei Shaller




Parents, guardians and teachers – have you ever sat back and thought that kids might be smarter than you are in some ways? Or that the kid struggling the most in math, science or history class could grow up to be the world’s next Thomas Edison?

Well, think again. Generation by generation, as technology gets better, kids are getting smarter and smarter.

To some adults, things like video games and social media might seem stupid and dumb, but these video games and social sites can teach us some pretty amazing things. Smart phones and game systems can boost our intelligence and creativity if we use them in the right ways.

Yes, too much TV or video games can be bad if we are on them too long. But maybe the next time your child is watching TV or on the computer, let them have some time to relax, then sit down with them and watch or play along.

Cartoons and video games may have made some kids a little smarter than you may have realized.

Gaming and TV may not be all that bad. Maybe they can even make your relationship with your child better than it is now.

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