Photo of Coal Cracker Project Coordinator Leslie Richardson.

Leslie Richardson: Coal Cracker Project Coordinator

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The Coal Cracker Kids Board of Directors recently hired Leslie Richardson, of Mahanoy City, as the new Project Coordinator to lead development of Coal Cracker youth-led news. Here, we introduce our readers to Richardson with a quick question and answer session to help you get to know her.

Coal Cracker: How will your Coal Region ties help you here at Coal Cracker?

Photo of Coal Cracker Project Coordinator Leslie Richardson.

Leslie Richardson

Leslie Richardson: Born and raised in Mahanoy City, I believe my experiences can help our Coal Cracker writers express what it is like growing up in the Coal Region.

CC: What excites you most about your new position here?

LR: I’ve been reading Coal Cracker since its first publication and I’m a fan! I’m excited to work with this intelligent group of young writers who are expressing their views about our community and the issues that are important to all of us.

CC: What caused you to take the position of Project Coordinator?

LR: When I was approached about becoming Project Coordinator I jumped at the chance. I truly believe this is such a positive and worthwhile project. I’m excited to get to know and learn from each of our writers.

CC: Do you have any past experience in journalism?

LR: I worked as a staff writer at the Republican Herald for quite a while and have done some freelance work with a few other publications. I’ve covered all aspects of county and municipal government as well as features and human interest pieces. And, of course, I got my start as a member of the Mahanoy Area Bear Facts staff!

CC: Do you have any new and exciting ideas for Coal Cracker?

LR: I really like the direction Coal Cracker is going and want to continue along this path. I would love to have a regular presence at Mahanoy City, Mahanoy Township, and even Gilberton council meetings to keep up with what is going on in our communities and to get to know the people involved.

CC: Do you have anything else to tell all of my fellow Coal Cracker Kids and our audience?

LR: I can’t wait to get started and to brainstorm with all of the writers. This is your paper and I want to help all of you get your voices heard.

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