Photo of the finished DIY pet bed.

What to do with Old Winter Sweaters

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By Emma Shaller



Q: What can I do with my old winter sweaters?

Photo of items needed to make a DIY pet bed.

Items needed.

EMMA: In spring, most people clean out their closets and throw away or give away their winter sweaters. But, you can recycle them and make a DIY (do it yourself) pet bed. I tried it, and it’s fun!

Here’s what you need: an old winter sweater, a pillow, a few old towels or stuffing, pins, and a needle and thread. Here’s what to do:

1. Sew the collar shut.
2. Use pins to mark a line a few inches below the collar from the base of one arm hole to the other. Then, sew along that line to create a space for the towels or stuffing.
3. Fill the sleeves with the towels or stuffing and sew the ends of the sleeves together.
4. Put the pillow in the body of the sweater and sew the bottom of the sweater shut.
5. Put the sleeves around the edge of the sweater and, from underneath, sew the sleeves to the sweater. Turning the bed upside down for this part helps.
6. Finally, customize it or decorate it however you want!

So, instead of getting rid of your old sweaters, make a DIY pet bed! It’s a good way to save money, recycle and help animals.

I hope you have fun making yours!

Photo of the finished DIY pet bed.

Here’s the finished product!

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