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Photo Contest Winner

A Closer Look Reveals Wonder Coal Cracker reporter Sara Dimmick, pictured above, won the Fresh Paint Days photo contest held in September when Coal Cracker Kids painted the Mahanoy City Lumber & Supply Company building. Sara’s prize was an Easy Macro lens for her smartphone, compliments of SandyLongPhotos. During the...   Read More

Take a Spin to Wheel

By Oceana O’Boyle and Emma Shaller         POTTSVILLE–Wheel, a restaurant located at 201 West Market Street, is a grilled cheese lover’s dream. The menu consists of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as mac-n-cheese, fries, desserts, and other tasty items. One original thing about this restaurant is...   Read More

Meet Virginia Laurusevage

By Emma Shaller         Many people may know Virginia Laurusevage as a local seamstress with a shop at 439 East Mahanoy Street, but there are a lot of things you may not know she has done for our community. For example, she has made tons of beautiful...   Read More

Holiday Cheer! Sharing Joy!

By Emma Shaller         On Wednesday, November 30, the Mahanoy Area Midget Cheerleaders and coach Keri Cavenas gathered at the Teen Canteen in Mahanoy City to create homemade Christmas cards. This squad project was organized by Bobby Moucheron of the M & M Redzone to spread holiday...   Read More

The Art of Printmaking

By Emma Shaller         This summer I went to Peters Valley School of Craft. I learned three printmaking techniques: screen printing, monoprinting, and woodcut. My teacher’s name was Stephen McKenzie, and he always wore CRAZY socks! There is a picture of him above. In screen printing, we...   Read More

Ever Read the Bill of Rights?

Ask Emma Advice on food, fashion and life in general By Emma Shaller     Q: Have you ever read the Bill of Rights? Emma: I plead the fifth! No, I had not read the Bill of Rights. I learned about the Constitution in fourth grade (last year), and my...   Read More

Why do People Pollute the Earth?

Ask Emma Advice on food, fashion and life in general By Emma Shaller     Q: Why do people pollute the earth? EMMA: People pollute the earth because they think it’s ok to throw their trash on the ground. They don’t think that they are hurting animals, plants and humans....   Read More

Schuylkill Youth Summit Welcomes Coal Cracker

Coal Cracker Reporters Joei and Emma Shaller attended the third annual Schuylkill Youth Summit in March at the Penn State Schuylkill campus. Schuylkill Youth Summit The summit convenes high school students to help make Schuylkill County a better place to live, work, play, and raise their families. While at the...   Read More

What to do with Old Winter Sweaters

Ask Emma Advice on food, fashion and life in general By Emma Shaller     Q: What can I do with my old winter sweaters? EMMA: In spring, most people clean out their closets and throw away or give away their winter sweaters. But, you can recycle them and make...   Read More

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