Why do People Pollute the Earth?

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By Emma Shaller



Q: Why do people pollute the earth?

EMMA: People pollute the earth because they think it’s ok to throw their trash on the ground. They don’t think that they are hurting animals, plants and humans.

They also don’t think about the consequences. For example, they could get fined up to $900, depending on where the dumping occurs, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program.

Photo of a DIY owl lamp made out of a plastic bottle.Ways that people can prevent pollution are reducing, reusing and recycling. People can also volunteer to pick up trash in their local community.

One way that I prevented pollution was by making a mini owl lamp using a plastic soda bottle, acrylic paints and an LED light.

  • First I cut the top of the bottle and made a dip to form the owl ears.
  • Then I cut out two holes for the eyes.
  • Next I made a pattern for the body and cut it out.
  • After that I painted it how I wanted it, and I had a beautiful owl lamp.

So in the future, be smart about what you do with your trash.


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