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Holiday Cookies with a Twist

By Taylor Walsh         With the holidays just around the corner, everyone will soon be searching for the perfect cookie recipes. Just like last year, I will be making one of my favorite types of cookies: candy cane twist cookies! They are the perfect cookie to eat...   Read More

Sparkly Popcorn a Fun Fall Treat!

By Taylor Walsh         During the fall, I like to bake a lot. One of my favorite recipes to make when Halloween starts to chime in is sparkly popcorn. It’s really yummy and fun to make for all types of Halloween parties. What You Will Need: 1...   Read More

Easy Freeze Pops Recipe

By Taylor Walsh         During the summer, I have a lot of time on my hands. One of the things I do to keep myself occupied is try new things. Last summer, I went searching and I found the perfect summer treat: freeze pops! My favorite drink...   Read More

Photography and Life Lessons

By Kassidy Ravina and Sara Dimmick         Photography is like telling a story with pictures. That’s what we learned in a “Smart Photos with Smart Phones” workshop on January 30 at the Teen Canteen with journalist Garry Pierre-Pierre, the Executive Director of the Community Reporting Alliance, which...   Read More

A Tradition of Christmas

By Taylor Walsh         As a tradition, my family has been making Christmas cookies for many years. We make all different colors, shapes and flavors. Here is my absolute favorite Christmas cookie recipe! My grandma, Joann Koback, taught me how to make them. We make them together...   Read More

A Speech Pattern That’s, Like, Hard to Break

Sara Dimmick and Taylor Walsh           Sometimes when our friends speak, in between their words they say “like.” Why is that part of their speech pattern? Well that’s what we are here to explain. Many people believe the 80s hit song, “Valley Girl” by Frank and...   Read More

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