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The Unwelcome Ones – Chapter Three

An Excerpt of Original Science Fiction By Joseph Peters       The guard stared down at me. If he were able to tear through my soul just by looking at me, he would’ve. “What the hell are you doing outside of the walls this early in the morn? Do...   Read More

The Unwelcome Ones – Chapter Two

An Excerpt of Original Science Fiction By Joseph Peters       Guards were always positioned at the walls in case someone were to arrive or if there was danger amok, so we had to be incredibly careful not to get spotted. It wasn’t that hard to figure out that...   Read More

The Unwelcome Ones – Chapter One

An Excerpt of Original Science Fiction By Joseph Peters       “We have to go Myran. You know what’ll happen if we get caught here, and it damn well won’t fare good for us.” It stung to hear these words escape from my brother Alixer’s lips, but I knew...   Read More

The Facts of Science Fiction

By Joseph Peters         As a writer and reader of science fiction, I was excited to interview three literary agents of the Virginia Kidd Agency, one of the most renowned and long lasting agencies of the genre. Christine Cohen is in charge of short fiction, novel length,...   Read More

Coal Town Writer Natalie S. Harnett

By Joseph Peters         Her Debut Novel “The Hollow Ground” Recently, I was given a pretty amazing opportunity to interview writer Natalie S. Harnett, author of “The Hollow Ground,” her debut work of literary fiction inspired by real-life events in a Pennsylvania coal town where an underground...   Read More

Poe Meets Austen in Ash Krafton Fantasy Novel

Schuylkill County author Ash Krafton announces the upcoming release of The Heartbeat Thief by AJ Krafton, a “New Adult” gothic fantasy novel that will be available in print and all ebook formats on September 18, 2015. The Heartbeat Thief tells the story of Senza Fyne, a young Victorian woman living...   Read More

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