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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Is it the Future of Finance?   By Nick Cavenas         Looking for the next big investment opportunity? Cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining might be a step in the right direction. Cryptocurrency is a new kind of money that uses cryptography — or computer encoding — to secure...   Read More

Jawn Squad – The Brick House Grill

By Nick Cavenas         I went to The Brickhouse Grill with my buddies Jordan Hannon, Justin Letcavage, and Jacob Witiszin (the self-proclaimed food expert pictured above). Overall, we all enjoyed this restaurant. Great hospitality, environment, and most importantly they make great food! Brick House has a wide...   Read More

E-athletes Compete at the College and Professional Levels

By Nick Cavenas         Lately the growth of e-sports has been skyrocketing. E-sports, which are organized multiplayer video game competitions, have become very popular in the U.S. as well as in many other countries. E-sports athletes (also known as gamers) take gaming to another level while playing...   Read More

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